Use of the Approved Form 35 by designers

What is the Form 35?

Form 35 (Certificate of Responsible Designer Building work or Plumbing work) is a statement by a designer that their design and specifications are likely to comply with Building Act 2016 and the National Construction Code.

  • The Director of Building Control has approved this form for use under the Building Act 2016.
  • All applications for a Certificate of Likely Compliance require a Form 35.

Who completes it?

The licensed designer responsible for the design and documentation of the proposed work completes Form 35.

  • The licensed Building Services Providers who may give a Form 35 can include any licensed designer responsible for all or part of the design.  A licensed designer may be an architect, building designer, building services designer, or engineer.
  • If competent to design plumbing or hydraulic work, they may provide details on the same Form 35 as the building work.
  • The only category of Plumber Practitioner who can provide this Form is a Plumber Practitioner - Certifier.

Who receives the Form 35?

  • The building surveyor that will assess the design of any building work; and
  • The permit authority who will assess the design of any plumbing work.

What is the difference between the Form 35 and Form 55?

  • If it is your work as a licensed designer, always complete the Form 35;
  • If it is design work that an independent third party has checked, then that other person gives a Form 55 to the designer; it will be one of the documents that support an application for a Certificate of Likely Compliance.
  • If the design is based on a specialist report (specialist design work, soil testing bushfire hazards, energy efficiency, etc.), that design or report should be accompanied by a Form 55 from that specialist.

Who signs the TasWater statement on the Form 35?

  • Form 35 includes a statement by a designer (on page 3) that the proposed work will not negatively impact TasWater’s assets.
  • When more than one designer is involved in a project, each sign their own Form 35, only one signed copy of that third page needs to be submitted to the building surveyor and the permit authority.

Building Act approved forms are available at:https://www.cbos.tas.gov.au/topics/resources-tools/builders-trades#Approved-Forms