Real estate agents

The Property Agents and Land Transaction Act 2016 regulates the real estate industry in Tasmania.

Under the Act 'property agent' refers to a:

  • real estate agent
  • property manager
  • general auctioneer
  • assistant property manager
  • property consultant.

The Act:

  • sets out the responsibility of the Property Agents Board (the board) to maintain a register of property agents to ensure that only people who have the appropriate prerequisites and qualifications act as property agents within Tasmania
  • requires the registration of real estate agents, property managers and auctioneers, subject to competency based qualifications;
  • requires people employed as property consultants to have the prescribed qualifications and to advertise their intention to work as a property consultant
  • allows real estate agents to enter into multi-disciplinary partnerships
  • allows an owner of real estate to auction their own property
  • establishes the Property Agents Board that has equal membership of industry and non-industry representatives and an independent Chair
  • provides clear complaint, investigation and enforcement processes to guide the Board
  • establishes a Tribunal which will deal with serious complaints and disciplinary matters, and
  • addresses issues such as false advertising and vendor bidding.
Updated: 26 May 2020