Displaying identification (ID) when working

Mandatory requirements

While on duty, the licence issued by the Department of Justice must be worn when performing the following activities:

  • crowd control
  • security general guarding
  • monitoring room operator
  • bodyguard
  • security guarding with dog
  • security guarding with firearm
  • security guarding with baton
  • security guarding with handcuffs

The licence must be:

  • clearly visible
  • attached or placed over the licensee's outer clothing (not covered by a jacket or other garment)
  • at or above the licensee's waist
  • at the front or side of the licensee's body
  • the front (i.e. the side of the photograph) clearly visible to a person standing in front of the licensee.

The licensee must not cover any part of the licence (eg, the licensee's name) to prevent it from being seen.

Commercial Agent/Sub-agent and Inquiry Agent licence holders do not need to display their licence whilst undertaking these duties however must still carry their licence on them.

Crowd controller identification

If you are employed as a crowd controller, your employer must issue you with an identity number card that must be worn at all times when working as a crowd controller.

You must carry your Government issued licence with you at all times when working as a crowd controller and produce it if requested

Your employer must be fully licensed and have the crowd control activity on their licence.

Important: The following is an example description of an identity number card. This numbered card is not the same as the plastic photographic licence issued by the Department of Justice.

An identifying number must be:

  • worn by crowd controllers
  • worn on the chest
  • securely attached to the outside of clothing
  • visible at all times while performing crowd control activities
  • legible with two different contrasting colours (eg black character on a white background)
  • a one or two digit number (minimum 3cm high and 5mm thick)
  • contain the word SECURITY (minimum 5mm high)
  • issued before starting work.

All security licence holders must carry their licence while working

Exemption from wearing an identity card

An exemption from wearing an identity card may be granted to certain licensees due to the special nature of their duties such as:

  • the transport of cash or valuables
  • loss prevention.

You must carry your licence with you at all times and produce it if requested even though you have an exemption to wear it.

An exemption is only valid until the expiry date on the holder's current licence and must be applied for at every renewal period.

How to apply for an exemption

You need to apply for an exemption online when you are applying for or renewing your security agent licence.

An exemption is only granted until the licence expires. You will need to re-apply for exemption when renewing the licence.

Updated: 17 Jan 2023

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