Repairs and replacements under warranty

Repairs under warranty

It is the consumer’s duty to return goods for repair to the supplier. Products being returned don’t need to be in their original packaging.  Consumers should return the product in person to the supplier. If they cannot and the supplier doesn’t have a collection option, it may have to be returned by post.  Postage costs may be recovered if the products are found to be faulty.

A supplier must collect products with a major fault that are too large, heavy or difficult to remove. If they cannot they are to arrange shipping at their expense.

Replacements under warranty

If the consumer is entitled to a replacement product, the store must provide a product that is identical, or of similar value. If this is not available, the store can choose to give a refund or repair the product within a reasonable time. Refund and repair rights apply to the replacement product in the same way as the original product.

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Updated: 09 Jul 2020