Sale of electrical appliances and accessories

This information is for importers, manufacturers and retailers of household electrical appliances and accessories.

This information also applies to online retailers.

Regulators and certifiers

If you are a manufacturer or importer of the following electrical articles you need to apply to a Government electrical regulator or private certifier for a Certificate of Approval/Compliance.

If you are a retailer, you need to ensure the electrical article is marked to indicate approval for sale.

Electrical articles required to be approved and marked

  • appliance connectors
  • arc welding machines
  • battery chargers
  • bread toasters
  • building cables
  • christmas and festival lights
  • clothes dryers
  • control and conditioning devices
  • cord line switches
  • decorative lighting
  • dishwashers
  • electric blankets
  • extra low voltage power supply units
  • fans
  • fence energizers
  • flexible heating pads
  • floor polishers/scrubbers
  • fluorescent lamp ballasts and starters
  • hair dryers
  • heaters
  • hedge trimmers
  • household appliances
  • immersion heaters
  • insect electrocutor
  • inspection headlamps
  • irons
  • jugs
  • kitchen machines – bread makers, mixers
  • lampholder – bayonet, edison and adaptors
  • lawn care appliances
  • liquid heating appliances (includes rice cookers)
  • massagers
  • microwave ovens
  • miniature overcurrent circuit breakers
  • outlet devices
  • plugs
  • portable cooking appliances (includes blenders and frying pans)
  • portable lamps
  • power tools
  • pressure storage water heaters
  • projectors
  • ranges and range hoods
  • razors and hair clippers
  • refrigerators/freezers
  • residual current devices (safety switches)
  • sewing machines
  • socket outlets and adaptors
  • soldering irons
  • supply flexible cords
  • swimming pool and spa equipment
  • television receivers
  • therapeutic lamps
  • wall switches
  • washing machines
  • waterbed heaters
  • vacuum cleaners

Where to next

Applying for certificate of approval