Working in Tasmania with overseas qualifications

Licence applicants who were trained outside Australia are required to demonstrate they have the skills and knowledge necessary to be granted a licence or certificate.

When in Australia you need to:

  1. get an Off-shore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) by presenting your trade qualifications and work history to one of the following organisations:
  2. contact TasTAFE (external link) to get a training plan to bring your qualifications up to Australian standards. Evidence of enrolment is required to progress to step 3.
  3. Apply for your provisional licence. The provisional licence allows you to work under supervision.
  4. Work under supervision for a minimum period of 12 months and successfully complete the gap training program with TasTAFE.
  5. You then become eligible to apply for a Practitioner licence.

Licence types

Different licence types need different information, so it is important to read the licence page that best matches your occupation before you start to apply for your licence in Tasmania.

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Updated: 08 Jan 2020