Electrical safety management scheme

What is an Electrical safety management scheme (ESMS)

An ESMS is where a manager of the scheme undertakes responsibility for ensuring compliance with standards under the Electricity Industry Safety and Administration Act 1997 (the Act) or other standards considered by the Director of Consumer Building and Occupational Services.

The participants in the ESMS are exempt from compliance with the Act as prescribed by the scheme.

Who can apply for an ESMS

Larger organisations or businesses can submit a electrical safety management scheme to Consumer, Building and Occupational Services for approval.

Approval and management of an ESMS

The Director of Consumer Building and Occupational Services may approve an ESMS

This includes:

  • the appointment of the scheme manager
  • the ESMS must ensure that its specifications are equivalent or superior to the electrical safety requirements under the legislation
  • the scheme manager must ensure the ESMS is implemented and compliant with the approved scheme specifications
  • formal auditing and compliance reporting.

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Updated: 04 Jun 2020