Disputing a bond claim

From 1 May 2019, all bonds must be managed online through Mybond

A claim against a bond may become a dispute if the tenant, the Deposit Contributor where applicable, and agent/owner:

  • do not agree
  • cannot be contacted, or
  • do not respond within the required timeframe.

MyBond notifies the other parties when one party disagrees with a claim.  The bond is then considered to be ‘in dispute’.

The agent/owner must then provide evidence to support the dispute.  This is called a dispute submission. The tenant must also provide evidence or reasons why they disagree with the claim.

How to dispute a bond claim

When you receive a notification from MyBond that a claim has been made, you should login to MyBond to look at the claim. If you have questions about the claim, you should contact the owner/agent.

If you do not agree with the claim, you can dispute it in MyBond. If you do not have access to MyBond please contact us on 1300 654 499.

All parties to the bond will receive a dispute notification from MyBond. They have 10 working days to provide evidence to support their claim.

Once the 10 days have passed, the Commissioner reviews all of the evidence provided.  The Commissioner makes a determination on how the bond money will be paid out.  This can take up to 30 business days. The Commissioner makes evidenced-based decisions under the Act. See Guide to the RTC.

When the determination has been made, the parties are notified by MyBond to login and view the determination.

If you disagree with a determination you can appeal the decision to the Magistrates Court of Tasmania.  See Appealing a dispute determination

We can’t help you with a dispute about:

  • Compensation. If a tenant or property owner/agent wishes to pursue compensation, they should seek legal advice about their options.
  • Conduct of managing agent. Issues involving the unsatisfactory professional conduct of the Real Estate Agent employed to manage the rental property should be direct to the Property Agents Board of Tasmania.