Mobile phones

Consumers should look to find the phone and plan that suits their needs.

There are two ways of buying a mobile phone:

  • buy phone only, also known as outright
  • sign up for a phone plan where you pay off the phone over a period of time.

Read all terms and conditions before buying or signing a contract.

Do not sign the contract or agree to buy the phone if:

  • the sale does not suit your needs, or
  • you are worried by any terms or conditions.

When buying a mobile phone you need to think about:

  • why you need a phone
  • how you will use it
  • what conditions or plans are attached
  • how much they will cost.

You should keep a copy of any receipts, contracts and any other paperwork relating to the sale or plan.  You can refer to it later if you need.

Other items to consider when buying a mobile phone are:

  • you often have to pay more to cancel a contract before it ends
  • some service providers have extra charges for items such as;
  • voicemail
  • call-forwarding
  • premium SMS
  • internet browsing
  • purchasing apps
  • international roaming
  • check with the service provider that you will get coverage in the areas you use your mobile phone
  • there may be extra costs for going over your phone call or data allowance limit.

When things go wrong

Consumers should contact:

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Updated: 27 May 2020