Unordered goods and services

Unordered goods and services, also known as ‘Unsolicited supplies’, occurs when a business deliver goods or services to a consumer who has not requested them. It is not an offence for a business to supply unordered goods or services, but consumers do not have to purchase for the goods.

Consumers do not have to pay for unsolicited goods or services, however it is not an offence for a business to provide an unsolicited good or service.

Unordered goods

Some businesses might try to sell goods by sending them to consumers without being asked to do so. They can do this, but cannot force a consumer to buy them.  If the consumer wants the goods, they will have to pay for them.

If the consumer doesn’t want the goods, they should write to the business and ask them to collect the goods within one month. If the consumer doesn’t write to the business, they have three months to collect the goods.

When returning goods, consumers must take steps to make them available for the business to collect. The business must collect the goods within the allocated time or the consumer may keep them for free.

Unordered services

A business must get permission before providing a service. If they are hired to supply a service they are not allowed to do anything extra unless they ask for permission.

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Updated: 27 May 2020