Condition reports for rental properties

A condition report describes the condition of the property at the time the tenant moves in. If the owner requires a bond, they must give the tenant two signed copies of a condition report at or before the beginning of the tenancy.

Damage or cleanliness issues

If the tenant finds damage or cleanliness issues that are not described in the condition report, they should add the details to both copies. The tenant must then sign one copy and return it to the owner within two days after receiving them.

Keep a copy of the condition report

It is very important for both the tenant and the owner to keep a copy of the condition report in case there is a dispute at the end of the tenancy. If the tenant is responsible for any damage (apart from wear and tear) that wasn’t there when they moved in, the owner may apply to withhold a portion of their bond to pay for repairs. To do this, the owner will need to be able to demonstrate the condition of the property when the tenant moved in, by using the ingoing condition report.

Photos are also an acceptable form of condition report as long as they are clear and dated. It is preferable that a condition report and photographs are used to help parties resolve any disputes.

Write your own condition report

If a tenant is not given a condition report from the owner, they can write their own and give a copy to the owner and/or take photographs.

Here is an example condition report (DOC, 508.0 KB)

Updated: 01 Jul 2020