Apply to collect for a charity

Anyone who asks a member of the public to make a donation for a charitable purpose in Tasmania must apply to get approval. This includes charities, marketing organisations, incorporated and non-incorporated bodies, religious organisations and individuals.

  • Applying for approval is free
  • It is an offence to collect without the proper approval

How to apply and get approval to collect for a charity

There are three applications forms available:

  1. Organisation or corporation based outside Tasmania
  2. Non-incorporated group or association in Tasmania
  3. Individual collecting for themselves (not on behalf of a charity)

Lodging your documents

Search for charities register

Search the register for charities approved to collect donations in Tasmania

Incorporated Associations and companies registered in Tasmania are not included in this list.

What is 'collecting' for a charity?

Collecting for a charitable purpose means any request for a donation made:

  • in a public place such as a street corner or hotel
  • door-to-door
  • in a newspaper advertisement
  • by telephone, fax, post, email or internet
  • by radio or television.

A charitable purpose includes:

  • any benevolent, philanthropic or patriotic purpose
  • any purpose for the protection of the environment or the welfare of animals
  • the supply of help, aid, relief, support, care, housing or education to any person or animal in distress.

The Act does not apply to:

  • the sale of goods or services such as a chocolate fundraiser
  • a request for renewal of membership of an organisation
  • an appeal by an organisation to its membership such as a cricket club or hobby group
  • an appeal within premises that are used by a club or religious organisation such as a collection plate
  • an appeal to a Commonwealth, State or Local Authority
  • selling raffle tickets
  • an organisation which is incorporated in Tasmania
  • a corporation whose principle office is located in Tasmania.

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