Gas appliances and components

The Director of Gas Safety determines safety standards for type A gas appliances and components sold in Tasmania. External authorities certify gas appliances and components are safe and suitable for use.

Type A appliance and component compliance standards are published in the Tasmanian Government Gazette. The following is a full and current list of applicable Standards:

Name of StandardKey appliances maintained under the Standard

AS/NZS 1869 Hose and hose assemblies for liquefied petroleum gases (LP Gas), natural gas and town gas

  • No key appliances

AS 2658 LP Gas – Portable and mobile appliances

  • Cookers
  • Space Heaters
  • Camping Lanterns
  • Miscellaneous

AS 2658 LP Gas – Portable and mobile appliances

  • No key appliances

AS/NZS 5263 Gas Appliances

  • AS/NZS 5263.0 General requirements
  • AS/NZS 5263.1.1 Domestic gas cooking appliances
    • Freestanding Cookers
    • Elevated Cookers
    • Built-in Cookers and Ovens
    • Wall Ovens
    • Hotplates
    • Counter Top Cookers
    • Caravan and Marine Cookers
  • AS/NZS 5263.1.2 Gas fired water heaters for hot water supply and/or central heating
    • Storage Water Heaters
    • Gas Boosted Solar Water Heaters
    • Instantaneous Water Heaters
    • Boiling (Central Heating and/or Water Heating)
  • AS/NZS 5263.1.3 Gas space heating appliance
    • Flued Radiant/Convection Heaters
    • Balanced Flue Convection Heaters
    • Wall Furnaces
    • Flueless Radiant/Convection Heaters
    • Flueless Convection Heaters
    • Miscellaneous Heaters
  • AS/NZS 5263.1.6 Indirect gas-fired ducted air heaters
    • Ducted Air Heaters
    • Duct and Unit Heaters
    • Internal Use Only
    • External Use Only
    • Internal & External Use Only
  • AS/NZS 5263.1.7 Domestic outdoor gas barbecues
  • AS/NZS 5263.1.8 Decorative effect gas appliances
    • Gas Log Fires
    • Indoor Gas Lights
    • Exterior Lights
AS 4554 Gas Laundry Dryers
  • No key appliances
AS 4555 Domestic gas refrigerators
  • No key appliances
AS 4557 Domestic outdoor gas barbecues
  • No key appliances
AS 4560 Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Heaters
  • No key appliances
AS 4563 Commercial catering gas equipment
  • Boiling Tables
  • Ranges
  • Solid Grill Plates and Griddles
  • Stockpots and Brat Pans
  • Barbeques, Charbroilers and Rotisseries
  • Commercial Fryers
  • Steam Convection Ovens
AS 4565 Radiant gas heaters for outdoor and non-residential indoor use
  • No key appliances
AS 4566 Flue cowls - Gas appliances
  • No key appliances
AS 4567 Twin wall metal flues - Gas appliances
  • No key appliances
AS 4643 Overhead radiant tube heaters
  • No key appliances
AS 5262 LP Gas mobile industrial direct fired air heaters
  • No key appliances
AS 4617 Manual shut-off gas valves
  • Type 1 – Isolating Valves
  • Type 2 – Appliance Control Valves
  • Type 2 – Appliance Control Valves Combined with Flame safeguards
  • Type 2 – Miscellaneous Valves
AS 4618 Gas appliance regulators
  • No key appliances
AS 4619 Gas appliance thermostats
  • No key appliances
AS 4620 Thermoelectric flame safeguards
  • No key appliances
AS 4621 Regulators for use with liquefied petroleum - Vapour phase
  • No key appliances
AS 4622 Electrical and electronic ignition devices for gas appliances
  • No key appliances
AS 4623 Jointing compounds and materials for use in gas pipe joints
  • No key appliances
AS 4624 Combination controls for gas
  • No key appliances
AS 4625 Electronic flame safeguards and flame detectors
  • No key appliances
AS 4627 Quick-connect devices for gas
  • No key appliances
AS 4628 Pressure and temperature limit devices for use with gas burners
  • No key appliances
AS 4629 Automatic shut off valves and vent valves
  • Class 1
  • Class 2
  • Class 3
AS 4630 Leakage detection systems
  • No key appliances
AS 4631 Limited flexibility connectors for gas
  • No key appliances
AS 4632 Over-pressure and under-pressure cut off devices
  • No key appliances

Tasmanian approved gas appliance external authorities

Australian Gas Association66 Malcolm Road, Braeside VIC 3195
SAI Global286 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000
IAMPO R&T Oceana 'Gas Mark'1040 Dandenong Road, Carnegie VIC 3163
Global Mark Pty LtdSuite 4.07, 32 Delhi Road, North Ryde NSW 2113
Vipac Engineers & Scientists Ltd279 Normanby Road, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Individual safety certification for Type A gas appliances

A licensed gas-fitter undertaking the gas-fitting work must first contact Gas Standards and Safety for information on:

  • required design standards and
  • construction of independently certified gas appliances.

Type B gas appliance standards

For the Director of Gas Safety to accept a type B gas appliance the Director of Gas Safety requires the appliance to be designed and constructed:

  • in accordance with AS 3814—Industrial and commercial gas fired appliances, and
  • from components certified by an 'External Authority' approved by the Director.

Gas installation standards

Any gas installation operating at less than 200 kPa is expected to be designed and constructed:

  • in accordance with AS/NZS 5061—Gas Installation, and
  • from components certified by an 'External Authority' approved by the Director.

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Updated: 02 Jun 2020