Building in hazardous areas

There may be additional considerations if you are building in areas subject to natural hazards in Tasmania.

New statewide planning and building requirements are being implemented for hazardous areas during 2018. These include areas potentially subject to:

  • landslip
  • bushfire
  • flooding
  • coastal erosion
  • coastal inundation.

The changes are set out in Part 5 of the Building Regulations 2016, and in new hazardous area Determinations issued by the Director of Building Control.

When do the new building requirements for hazardous areas apply?

The changes to planning and building requirements for hazardous areas will take effect in each municipal area at the same time as the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme.  The Tasmanian Planning Scheme will contain new planning hazard codes, as well as maps which define land subject to various natural hazards. The Tasmanian Planning Scheme is expected to commence in the first municipal areas in 2018.

Until then, the specific building requirements for areas subject to bushfire, landslip and flooding which are set out in the Building Act 2000 and Building Regulations 2014 will continue to apply. See the Fact Sheet - Building requirements for hazardous areas – transitional provisions (PDF, 257.8 KB) for more details.

What are hazardous areas?

The Building Act 2016 defines a hazardous area as including land that is:

  • prone to bushfire, landslip or flooding
  • subject to slope instability
  • subject to erosion or coastal inundation
  • subject to sea level rises or storm surges.

Find out if your property is affected by any hazards on the planning scheme maps by visiting (external link).

When do hazardous area requirements apply?

The hazardous area requirements apply if the land is located in a relevant hazard area (either shown on the planning scheme maps or otherwise defined), and the work is:

  • permit work, or
  • low risk or notifiable work listed in Schedule 1 of the relevant hazard Determination, or
  • significant work in a landslip hazard area or bushfire-prone area.

What are the exemptions to hazardous area requirements?

The hazardous area requirements do not apply if:

  • the land is located outside a relevant hazard area, or
  • the work is not low risk work or notifiable work listed in Schedule 1 of the relevant hazard Determination; or
  • the work is specified as an exclusion in the Building Regulations 2016 or in the relevant hazard Determination.

Building in hazardous area requirements