Resolving disputes with licence holders

Things may not always go to plan but you can take steps to resolve your issues.

These self-help stages may help.

  • Stage one – talk to the other party
  • Stage two – write to the other party
  • Stage three – contact CBOS
  • Stage four – seek legal advice

We provide you with an advisory service first.  This may help you to resolve disputes without a third party becoming involved.

When we take further action

We uses a risk-based approach to ensure resources are used where risk of harm or unsafe practices are greatest.  We aim to take action where public safety is of most risk.

CBOS uses a variety of enforcement actions to address conduct which poses a major risk.  Each matter is considered on a case-by-case basis.

You can find out more about our compliance options by reading:

If we need to take further action against a licence holder, the Administrator of Occupational Licensing may decide to put the matter before a disciplinary panel.

Who is on a disciplinary panel?

A disciplinary panel is made up of independent industry experts that will assess the matter and make recommendations to the Administrator.

For information on the disciplinary process and the panels that assess these matters read: