Changing details or cancelling a licence

A security agent licence must be amended if the following information changes:

  • address details
  • name details
  • contact telephone number
  • email address

You must notify Consumer, Building and Occupational Licensing of a name change within 30 days. You must provide a certified copy of:

Removing the condition of 'provisional'

  • You must provide a Statement of Attainment showing you have completed all the units of competency for each activity listed on your licence.

Adding an activity to a licence

  • You must meet all training requirements and provide a Statement of Attainment.
  • The licence period for new activities will be back-dated to the start date of your current licence and will expire on the same date.

Notifying CBOS of any licence changes

To notify of any changes you need to complete:

Cancelling a licence

by a licence  holder

A licence holder can cancel a licence by:

  • not renewing the licence when it falls due; or
  • returning the licence and identity card with a letter advising the licence is no longer required to:
    • Consumer, Building and Occupational Services
      PO Box 56, Rosny Park TAS 7018

by Consumer, Building and Occupational Services

Your licence can be cancelling if you are convicted of a disqualifying offence.  If you are found guilty of a disqualifying offence with no conviction, you may be required to justify why your licence should not be cancelled.