Owner builder - restrictions, home projects and farmers

An Owner Builder Permit will only be issued for work on a residential building (detached dwelling or a conjoined unit).  Permission won’t be issued for any work on commercial buildings.  Restrictions include:

  • Only two owner builder Class 1a projects are allowed in a ten-year period.  However those two projects can include two entirely new dwellings.
  • Owner builders cannot keep performing more work on what they have already constructed.  Each new building project must receive a new Owner Builder Permit.
  • There is a fee for each Owner Builder Permit (registration) issued.
  • Note: The fee and insurance requirements for owner builders are the same as a licensed builder.

Read the Fact Sheet - Owner builder work (PDF, 246.0 KB)

Farmers and sheds (Class 7b farm sheds)

  • Building farm sheds classified as Class 7b do not require an Owner Builder Permit; however, if the structure is over 200m2, a building surveyor must be engaged and a Certificate of Likely Compliance issued.
  • Notify your council if you are building a larger shed.

Home projects

Some smaller sheds and outbuildings (Low Risk Buildings) do not require owner builder registration.  Please refer to the Director’s Determination - Categories of Building and Demolition Work (PDF, 984.5 KB).

The Building Act 2016 further simplifies the building approvals process.  A homeowner can build (without an Owner Builder Permit) the following:

  • a shed, garage or carport up to 18m2, or up to 36mif prefabricated.
  • a porch or veranda up to 9m2, or a deck up to 1m high
  • a temporary swimming pool up to 9m2  (only if a pool safety barrier has been installed by a builder and approved by a building surveyor)
  • perform maintenance or repairs on a dwelling using similar materials as those replaced.

Notifiable or permit work

An owner builder still requires a building permit for notifiable or permit work on a residence (Class 1a, 8 and 10 a & b). Your building surveyor will be able to advise you further about this requirement.


  • Applicants can live outside Tasmania
  • Owner builders don't have to live in their residence
  • Licensed builders can also apply for an Owner Builder Permit
  • A person who has signed a contract to buy land or a building is also classed as an 'owner'.
Updated: 04 Nov 2022

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