When a business breaks the law

Our main aim with any serious complaint is to stop it happening again.

We may be able to gain an outcome for you, but this is a secondary issue for us.

When a business has broken the law, we can:

  • notify them and seek their help to fix the problem
  • get the business to follow the law in the future
  • formally warn them
  • publicly warn consumers not to trade with them
  • issue them with a fine
  • take the business to court
  • seek a court order to ban the business from operating.

When deciding what action to take we consider:

  • if the breach was deliberate
  • if they tried to fix the problem
  • how many consumers were affected
  • how long it has been going on for and if it is likely to continue
  • if the business has done this before.

Interstate businesses

If a Tasmanian consumer or business has a problem with an item bought in another state or territory, we can:

  • tell you whether the business may have acted illegally
  • advise whether you can lodge a complaint with us
  • attempt to resolve the issue with the business
  • refer you to the fair trading agency in the businesses state or territory.

Contact us to if you want to discuss a business issue further.

Updated: 26 May 2020