Constitution, model rules, amendments and breaches

Amending or changing a constitution

  • Amending an association's constitution is done through the passing of a Special Resolution.
  • This is where the association advertises its intention to make changes to its constitution. A General Meeting is then held to vote on the changes.  If three quarters of the members present at the meeting vote in favour, the changes are passed.
  • The Public Officer is required to notify CBOS of the amendments within one month by lodging a Notice of Special Resolution, and attaching a copy of the changes.
  • Members are expected to abide by the association's constitution.

Constitution breaches and disputes

  • CBOS does not have the authority to investigate a breach of an association's constitution, or any dispute that may arise between members.
  • Any dispute or issues should be dealt with internally or by seeking independent legal advice. More information about disputes is available.