Incorporated association meetings

In Tasmania, the rules around holding incorporated association meetings are not regulated by the Associations Incorporation Act 1964 (external link). Each association's constitution / rules cover when and how to hold meetings.

Types of association meetings

Meeting typeDescription
Annual general meeting (AGM)A meeting of all members of an incorporated association which must be held during each calendar year.
Special general meetingSpecial general meetings are called for a specific purpose.
Committee meetingCommittee meetings are called for a group of members who are chosen to make decisions on specific matters on behalf of the association.

Lodging forms

We recommend forms (for example Annual Return) are completed online.

If you can't complete forms online, you can use PDF forms. Email all completed forms and credit card payment to registration.services@justice.tas.gov.au

You also have the option to post completed forms to:

  • Registration Services
    Consumer, Building and Occupational Services
    PO Box 56 
    Rosny Park TAS 7018

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Updated: 01 Feb 2021