Illegal building work

Illegal building or demolition work is building work that is done without the correct permit/s (building and/or planning).  It also means that the building work done does not meet the standard of the National Construction Code.

For example, illegal building work is when,

  • A builder has finished building work and should have got a building surveyor to approve their work and they didn’t when it was not low risk work.
  • An owner or builder has obtained the correct planning and building permits but the standard of the building work does not meet the National Construction Code (all catergories of work apply).

Where to next

Suspected Illegal Building work can be reported to a permit Authority (Local Council)/ Building Surveyor, by any of the following;

  • builder
  • neighbour
  • building surveyor
  • any building service provider

It is recommended the Municipal Council should be the first point of enquiry with any suspected illegal building work.

Updated: 11 Apr 2018