Advocacy and support using MyBond

There are three independent advocacy services available which protect the rights of people with disability. The Tasmanian Government funds these services through Disability Housing and Community Services.

The advocacy services who can provide support are:

If you are an advocate working with vulnerable clients, we offer the following advice to support you in helping your clients with MyBond.

Updating details in MyBond

  • Email or post client details to the Rental Deposit Authority (RDA)
  • Service Tasmania can forward documentation to the RDA on behalf of a client. The client will need to go into Service Tasmania in person. Find your nearest Service Tasmania shop

Client bank accounts and personal details

  • The RDA needs the tenant bank account details to release funds to a client.
  • Your client may want the RDA to change their bank or personal details. Someone from the RDA may ask your client to confirm the following:
    1. Property address, bond amount, weekly rent, owner or agent name
    2. Identity. This can be done by providing a copy of photographic identification (for example drivers licence, passport or some other recognised photographic ID). Consumer, Building and Occupational Services imposes reasonable conditions on a client to verify their identity.
  • An advocate may ask the RDA to update a tenant's account. In this situation, the RDA needs to substantiate the relationship between tenant and advocate. A good way to do this is by providing an Authority to Act form. This ensures finances are properly administered and reduces the risk of fraud.

Clients who need extra support

  • When a tenant needs extra support or would like an advocate to manage their MyBond account, an advocate can:
    • register their email address against the tenant's account or
    • transfer a tenant's account to an advocate.
  • The RDA can:
    • monitor a client's account for them (RDA managed accounts) for anyone who is unable or has limited ability to use technology and
    • receive notifications on the client's behalf and contact them using other methods.

If you need further information providing advocacy services for a client, contact the RDA by ringing 1300 654 499 or email rda@justice.tas.gov.au

Updated: 17 Jan 2023

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