Residential tenancy databases

Tenancy databases are privately owned and commercially operated databases containing certain people's rental history. Real estate agents use tenancy databases to screen tenants applying for rental properties.

Why am I listed on a database?

A person can only be listed on a database when there has been a breach of a lease and either:

  • the tenant owes money which is more than the bond, or
  • there is a court order ending the tenancy because of the breach.

How long is my information kept for?

Information stored in a database can only relate to the breach and can be stored for up to three years.

What should my owner or agent be telling me?

When you apply to rent a property, the owner or agent must provide you with details of any tenancy database they use. The owner or agent must advise if the database contains information about you. This includes who listed the information and how you can have the information changed or removed.  For more information about databases, see A Guide to the Residential Tenancy Commissioner (PDF, 952.2 KB).

Updated: 02 Jul 2020