What is a Certificate of Currency?

A Certificate of Currency (CoC) is proof that you hold a current insurance policy and includes the details and expiry of the policy.

When applying for or renewing your trades contractor or Building Services Provider licence, you will need to upload a CoC for your insurance. A CoC may look like this sample (PDF, 49.6 KB).

What is covered in a Certificate of Currency?

Your details

Sometimes called Insured Party Details, includes the name and residential address of the insured party.

Policy details

The policy number, policy type, and policy start/end date.

Sum insured

The maximum amount that the policy covers. For Building Services Providers, refer to Part 9 of the Occupational Licensing (Building Services Work) Determination. For trades contractors, refer to the Occupational Licensing General Insurance Notice 2010 (PDF, 267.6 KB).

Premium paid

The amount of premium paid, the date paid, and the method of payment.

Requesting a Certificate of Currency from Your Insurer

Most insurance providers allow you to login and check your policy through their website. This is where you can download your CoC.

Your insurance provider may have provided you a copy of your CoC when you applied and paid for your policy. If you have been provided a physical copy, you can scan and save a digital copy to upload.

What is not accepted as a Certificate of Currency

CBOS will not accept the following documents as a CoC:

  • Invoice
  • Policy schedule
  • Letter of eligibility

Uploading anything other than a CoC may delay or lead to refusal of an application/renewal.

Updated: 06 Sep 2022

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