How to register in MyBond

All rental bonds are managed online through MyBond

Property owners, agents and tenants must have a MyBond account to lodge, claim and manage rental bonds.

If you had or managed an active tenancy at 1 May 2019, your details will be pre-registered in MyBond.

How to register as a tenant

If you paid a bond before 1 May 2019 and you are in an active tenancy, you will already have an account.  Use your email address or mobile number and last name to login.

Tenant - register to use MyBond

New tenants can be registered in MyBond in two ways:

  • an agent or owner can register you as part of the bond lodgement process; or
  • you can pre-register in MyBond, before the agent or owner completes your bond lodgement.

For an owner or agent to register a new tenant, they will need your:

  • date of birth and
  • email address, and/or
  • mobile number.

You cannot use an email address or mobile number that someone else is using.

Log into MyBond

To log into MyBond use your:

  • mobile number or email address, and
  • surname or
  • Tenant ID

Use your MyBond account to view or edit your contact details and view your bond details. It is important that you update your MyBond account if your contact information changes. You cannot edit your bond details. If there is a mistake, you need to talk to your agent/owner.

You only need to register once.  You can use the same MyBond account for all future tenancies.

If you have trouble logging in to MyBond, please call 1300 654 499.  You will need your tenant ID or bond number for us to help you.  If you do not have your tenant ID or bond number, you can:

How to register as an owner or agent

If you or your agency managed an active tenancy at 1 May 2019, you will have been pre-registered in MyBond. An agency’s system administrator can add staff and manage staff access.

Property owner - register to use MyBond

Property agent - register to use MyBond

To register as a new agent or owner:

  • go to the MyBond link
  • select whether you are an agent or owner
  • fill out the details
  • click register

Once we verify your account you will receive your username and password via email.

If you have trouble logging in to MyBond, please see your system administrator or call 1300 654 499.

Updated: 02 Oct 2020