Does not do what the salesperson said or the consumer asked for

A product must be what the consumer asks for and agreed by the business.  If a product does not meet this, the consumer is entitled to have the problem resolved.  The type of outcome will depend on whether the problem is major or minor.

A consumer can ask for a refund or replacement when a product does not do what it is meant to, if:

  • they relied on the store’s knowledge, expertise or advice
  • they informed the salesperson what they wanted, or the salesperson said the product would do what the consumer wanted.

When this guarantee does not apply

This guarantee does not apply to products bought at auction or if the store can show that:

  • the consumer did not rely on the store’s skill or judgment
  • under the circumstances, it was unreasonable for the consumer to have relied on the store’s skill or judgment.
Updated: 26 May 2020