Buying electrical, gas and plumbing products online

Consumers are urged to be careful when purchasing electrical, gas and plumbing products online. Some items for sale on online marketplaces do not meet Australian safety requirements, especially those sold by overseas sellers.

Accidents have been caused by non-compliant products, including fires, electric shocks, carbon monoxide poisoning, contaminated water supplies, scaldings and other injuries. Products supplied from overseas may not offer the same warranty protections and guarantees required by the Australian Consumer Law for local suppliers. In addition, there may be no product support locally for repairs, replacements, parts or enquiries.

It is illegal for tradespeople to install non-compliant electrical and gas equipment and plumbing fixtures in Tasmania.

How do I check whether products are compliant?

Before purchasing, check whether the product has been safety tested and approved for use in Australia.

Most electrical and gas equipment and plumbing fixtures sold in Australia must be certified under Australian Standards or similar requirements to prove they are safe and fit for purpose.

Certified equipment is required to be marked with the relevant symbol as follows:

Image of tick within triangleImage of flame gas safety stickerImage of W with watermark spelled out

If you are unsure, you can ask the seller for a copy of the item's safety certificate or approval number. Then check that the information given matches the item description.

You can also search the following public databases to check whether products are approved in

What if a product appears non-compliant?

Don't purchase the item if you can't find any approval information for a product or the seller won't provide it to you. It may be unsafe or not fit for purpose. Instead, buy the product from somewhere else where you can be assured that it is compliant. You can contact CBOS if you have concerns about a product or report a website or seller who may be selling non-compliant products.

Updated: 30 Jul 2022

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