Registration to Work with Vulnerable People and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Worker Screening

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian Government Scheme which funds costs associated with disability. Funding is allocated to an individual with a disability (or their guardian) so they can choose the  provider to supply the disability and supports they require.

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission

  • Independent agency established to improve the quality and safety of NDIS supports and services
  • Regulates NDIS providers
  • Resolves problems
  • Identifies areas for improvement
  • Aims for national consistency for services
  • Requires nationally consistent NDIS worker screening

For more information visit the NDIS Commission website

NDIS worker screening

Workers are screened in the state or territory where they live.  All states and territories screen in accordance with an NDIS agreement so that workers are screened consistently throughout Australia.

When did the NDIS worker screening start?

NDIS started in Tasmania on 1 July 2019. NDIS has 'transitional arrangements' setting out suitable current worker screening in each state or territory until they are ready for each jurisdiction to begin NDIS worker screening for them.

The transitional arrangements also started on 1 July 2019. The arrangements state that NDIS employers will accept a current Registration to Work with Vulnerable People (RWVP) registration to work with children.

Applying for RWVP registration

  • Anyone who does not have a current RWVP registration must lodge an application
  • You will be applying for a RWVP registration to work with children until a separate NDIS category starts in Tasmania
  • The RWVP registration is accepted until it expires, which is 3 years from the issue date

Start my application

What happens after I apply?

You are assessed the same way all other applicants are assessed to work with children. Once the Registrar is satisfied that you are not an unacceptable risk to children, you are issued with a registration number which you can provide to your NDIS employer.

If you apply after the NDIS worker screening comes into effect, you will be applying for a RWVP registration with an NDIS endorsement. Information taken into consideration will be broader and there will also be 'exclusion' and 'presumed exclusion' offences.

What are the NDIS exclusion and presumed exclusion offences?

The NDIS Commission has determined NDIS exclusion and presumed exclusion offences. However the offences have not yet been finalised by NDIS or accepted by Parliament in each state or territory. Read the draft list of exclusion and presumed exclusion offences.

A person convicted of an exclusion offence is excluded from registration with no right of appeal.

A person convicted of a presumed exclusion offence is excluded from registration, unless they can show that 'exceptional circumstances exist. This decision is subject to appeal.

Who needs to be registered to work with NDIS participants?

The NDIS Commission requires everyone working with NDIS participants must be registered by 1 July 2019. An NDIS employee who is providing direct supports and services to NDIS participants, and having 'more than incidental contact' must be registered. Registration also extends to anyone holding key personnel positions with NDIS. This includes all management and board members. For more information visit the NDIS Commission website.

What happens after I'm registered?

You are subject to ongoing monitoring to make sure you remain suitable to keep a registration. The Registrar receives daily reports from Tasmania Police as well as Child Safety Services. Other reportable bodies are obliged to report to the Registrar if they become aware of allegations or behaviours indicating a person is unsuitable to work in the capacity for which they applied. The NDIS Commission does accept complaints or concerns direct from the public as long as the complaint is relevant to the NDIS Code of Conduct.

What are the current fees for registration and do the change?

The current fee schedule is available. Currently an RWVP registration to work with children lasts for 3 years. When NDIS endorsed registrations become available in Tasmania all registrations will increase to 5 years.

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Updated: 01 Jun 2020