Tasmanian fuel pricing scheme

Updated 18 September 2020

Blue background with fuel check text and Tasmanian Government logoThe Tasmanian Government has announced the introduction of a mandatory real-time fuel price reporting scheme.

To provide access to real-time prices, a website (www.fuelcheck.tas.gov.au) and free app (FuelCheck TAS) have been developed to help motorists easily search for fuel by locations, price and fuel type or brand.

Consumers can go to the Apple Store (for iPhones) or Google Play Store (for Android) to download the free app. Read more information on FuelCheck TAS for consumers.

The scheme requires the more than 230 Tasmanian fuel retailers to update fuel prices in real time, providing a vastly enhanced level of transparency for consumers. Tasmanian fuel retailers are urged to ensure that any global price reductions are passed on to motorists as a matter of priority. Read more information on FuelCheck TAS for fuel retailers.

The Scheme has been established via a Code of Practice under the Australian Consumer Law (Tasmania) Act 2010 and, as required by the Act, the Code recently passed both Houses of Parliament.

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Updated: 18 Sep 2020