Child safe organisations

What is a child safe organisation?

All children have the right to feel safe in any environment. A child safe organisation takes steps to make sure your child is safe. This includes the requirement for Registration to Work with Vulnerable People.

There are also strategies that an organisation can follow to make sure their culture creates and maintains a child safe approach.  The Australian Children's Commissioners and Guardians have developed the following key principles that you can look out for in organisations that work directly with children:

  • understands the importance of child safety
  • has clear procedures to help prevent the possibility of harm
  • is able to provide families and carers with a written copy of their procedures
  • encourages children to engage in decisions that affect them
  • recognises and respects distinct needs of children from diverse cultures and backgrounds
  • takes all reports of suspected harm seriously by report it immediately to the appropriate authorities
  • welcomes and values open communication with families and carers
  • ensures that children know who they can talk to if they are feeling unsafe
  • promotes a safe and open environment which supports the disclosure of suspected harm.

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Updated: 08 Jan 2020