Provisional security agent licence

The term 'provisional' on a licence means the person has not provided a Statement of Attainment showing they have met the full training requirements for one or more of the activities listed on their licence. A provisional licence is valid for 1 year. Full training must be completed before you can apply for a full licence.

Subject to condition

The term 'subject to condition' on a licence means the Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading has placed a condition on a licence.  The applicant will receive a letter with the licence explaining the condition.

Licensed premises

The condition of 'licensed premises' only applies to the crowd controller activity and means the person appointed as manager holds a liquor licence.

A person with this licence condition is only allowed to undertake crowd control duties while employed by the person who holds the liquor licence for that establishment.

The licence condition does not allow a person to work at a:

  • sporting event
  • place of entertainment
  • business or social function
  • protest or riot.

This type of work requires a person to be employed by a crowd control agent.