About security licence

The Security and Investigations Agents Act 2002 provides for the licensing and control of Security Agents, Commercial Agents, Inquiry Agents, and Crowd Control Agents.

Employees can apply for an Employee Licence allowing them to work for someone holding an agent individual or agent body corporate licence.

Under the Act, people working in the security agent industry must have the appropriate licence and have completed the training units for each activity attached to the licence.

You can apply for a security licence if you:


Licence fees

  • $705.25 - Agent Individual licence
  • $705.25 - Agent Body Corporate licence
  • $186.00 - Employee licence
  • $54.25 - Amend registered details agent individual or employee licence
  • $54.25 - Amend registered details body corporate licence
  • $54.25 - Issue a duplicate licence or identity card
  • $54.25 - Apply for exemption to display identity card

Additional costs

  • $75.00 - Fingerprinting (new applicants only)
  • $45.00 - Criminal History Police Check

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