What is CPD?

Occupational Licence holders are required to maintain and develop their skills and knowledge through ongoing learning activities, referred to as Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Maintaining and developing your knowledge, skills and competence in today’s ever changing environment is vital to provide a higher standard of service to consumers and assist you in regulatory compliance. The importance of CPD should not be underestimated.   It is an ongoing process which should continue throughout your career.

Broadly, CPD includes all professional development (training) you need to keep doing your job. This includes keeping your skills and knowledge up to date to make sure you can do the job safely and competently.

The learning may relate to technical and practical skills, business competencies, laws affecting the industry, or personal and professional development relevant to your trade.

These skills may be gained formally through courses or training, or by attending and participating in approved CPD events and activities.

What will CPD do for you?

CPD will help you:

  • continue to expand your knowledge and skills
  • meet professional standards
  • meet public expectations
  • meet regulatory requirements.

Consumer, Building and Occupation Services (CBOS) is responsible for licensing building service providers, electrical workers, plumbers, gas-fitters and automotive gas-fitters. As part of the renewal process all licence holders must confirm their compliance with CPD.

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Updated: 28 Oct 2020