How do I record my CPD?

Am I responsible for keeping the CPD record?

Yes. The responsibility for recording continuous professional development activities is with the licence holder.

So on renewal you must confirm that you have met the CPD requirements of your licence by keeping a record of your activities as evidence. An employer must also keep a register and you can use that as your record for CPD in the event of an audit. Let your employer know of any CPD activities you do for inclusion in the register. If you are a sole trader or self-employed, then you only need to keep a record of your own activities.

What do I need to record?

Continuous professional development is about keeping up to date with the requirements and techniques that apply to your trade or profession.  The way we measure the value of that activity to your professional development is through the allocation of CPD points.

Having attended the CPD activity you now need to record it. You can capture learning activities attended by the easiest method for you, and we suggest that you keep it as simple as possible. There are various methods to record your activities, it could be noting it in your diary or on a simple spreadsheet. Alternatively, you can contact your industry association for their CPD tracker. We also have provided an example of a CPD Activity Record.

The main details to record are:

  • the date,
  • the training course,
  • the training provider,
  • number of CPD points,
  • certificate of attendance or attainment - in most cases, training providers issue you with evidence of attendance or attainment. Examples include certificates, academic records, attendance records, or receipts if you purchased or hired learning resources.


If undertaking Research:

  • reason for research
    • Journal details eg name of journal, date of publication, article title
    • Website details eg Title of article, year and the web address

Note: There is no carry-over of CPD points from one licencing period to the next.

Requirements for the Contractor

For those that hold a contractor licence, you are required to maintain a register of all employees that undertake work requiring a licence.  The register must contain the licence details of each employee that carries out prescribed work, along with the qualifications, competencies and continuing professional development (including CPD points) of those employees.  This register can be subject to audit by CBOS and must be made available when requested. Failure to keep an accurate register is an offence under the Occupational Licensing Act 2005, so it is important that it is maintained.

An individual’s record from the register should also be made available to licensed employees so that when they renew their license, they can complete the CPD certification in the renewal process. However, it is up to the employee to advise you of any additional CPD so that it can be added to their register.

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Updated: 08 Jan 2020