Availability of funding for training

The Tasmanian Building and Construction Industry Training Board (TBCITB) has been created by government for the industry to ensure a safer, higher skilled building and construction workforce with the provision of funding assistance. The TBCITB is an independent organisation, funded by the industry. Their aim is to facilitate an innovative and robust building sector by managing workforce development.

To see if you are eligible for funding, go to the TBCITB website (external site).

Where to next

  • CPD events calendar - shows the range of training events available by either industry, region and date.  It also includes additional training resources with links to other approved training providers
  • CPD - ongoing training - shows a list of CPD How to activities that are available on an ongoing basis
  • CPD - additional training resources - provides additional lists of approved CPD training providers and their links

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Updated: 30 Sep 2020