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Contracts for Residential Building Work Domestic Building Contract- Edition DB4 Update of the new contract including:

  • How to use a DB4 contract when you operate under a Company or Trust business structure
  • How to schedule Progress Payments
  • Stages of Works definitions
  • The correct process to handover a completed residential project
  • How to manage Defects Cost Plus Building Contract – Edition CP4
  • When to use a Cost Plus Contract
  • How a Cost Plus contract works
  • The pitfalls of using a Cost plus Contract Minor Works Quotation/Contract – Edition MW2
  • When to use a Minor Works Contract
  • How to complete a Minor Works Contract Forms for Use with Residential Building Contracts
  • Variation Form
  • Extension of Time Form
  • Progress Claim Form/Tax Invoice
  • Certificate of Practical Completion
  • Defect’s Register
  • Commercial Building Contracts
  • What can I use if I am undertaking a commercial project?

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Updated: 22 Apr 2020