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AMR has commenced for the majority of occupational licences administered by CBOS.

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National Construction Code Course - Fundamentals for Engineers

Event Details

  • 11 Oct
    2021 - 11 Oct 2023
    National Construction Code Course - Fundamentals for Engineers 12:00am - 11:00pm This is an online event. CPD Points: 2 This is an online event available at any time.


Presented by: Australian Building Codes Board

Introduction: This one-hour course provides guidance and understanding of key NCC concepts that are fundamental for engineers in applying the NCC.

This course includes 5 chapters, which:

  • Explain how the NCC is given legal effect; its role providing technical standards; impact on engineers and non-NCC project requirements.
  • Describe the NCC compliance framework, Assessment Methods and interpretation rules.
  • Examine how referenced documents are used in the NCC and the evidence of suitability required to demonstrate engineering compliance.
  • Look at how buildings are classified, whether they are united, and how that affects engineering designs.
  • Brings together the NCC fundamentals with key building and site-specific characteristics relevant to engineering design.


Course outcome

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify important building characteristics, and site and climate characteristics that affect engineering design for NCC compliance.
  • Understand how to interpret and comply with the NCC.
  • Distinguish different forms of documentation as evidence of suitability and the applicable NCC volume(s).
  • Determine which referenced document to use.
  • Explain how the NCC is given legal effect and the relationship between the NCC and jurisdictional building and plumbing regulation.

Assumed knowledge - Some prior knowledge in the practical application of the NCC is assumed.

Cost : $44.00

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